EHS Policy

At CAGL, we ensure our operations are safe and acceptable to our employees, clients, stakeholders and the governing authorities in the jurisdiction we operate. We endeavor not to expose our employees and contractors to unnecessary risks to their health, security and safety. We believe GOOD EHS is GOOD BUSINESS. CAGL will, at a minimum, follow the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure minimum impact of our operations on the environment.


Consequently, CAGL will:

Ensure a healthy, safe, secure work place and undertake work practices that minimize the risk to workers, customers, the public and the environment by:

  • compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and undertaking any additional measures considered necessary
  • holding regular meetings to discuss EHS issues including Toolbox and Safety meetings
  • ensuring that all workers are trained and aware of the EHS requirements for the work they are undertaking
  • applying the company’s disciplinary regulations when EHS requirements are not followed
  • prioritizing EHS issues and emphasizing the value to the company of high standards of performance in EHS practice
  • striving to achieve zero lost time injuries
  • placing safety and warning signs at appropriate locations
  • promoting a company culture where all workers share a commitment to the highest EHS standard
  • develop emergency response plans and train staff to follow them
  • record visitors and ensure security restrictions are enforced
  • ensure permit to work system is effected
  • ensure MSDS’s are available and utilized for all hazardous materials
  • investigate and report all incidents and ensure that corrective actions are implemented
  • regularly assess EHS risks to the company and implement mitigation measures
  • effective clean up and disposal of any chemical spillage




Isaac Amoako-Mensah
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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