About Us

CAGL Oil field services  provide oil and gas operators to support efficient and responsible extraction of hydrocarbons. These services are essential for the oil and gas industry to function effectively and sustainably, ensuring a reliable supply of energy while minimizing environmental impacts.

We value our mission as  fields as crucial sources of energy and economic prosperity, fueling industries and powering societies around the globe.

 Vast reservoirs of black gold are products of nature’s intricate processes, formed over millions of years, and serve as a foundation for various petroleum products that have become integral to modern life.



Our Excellence in Execution approach has gained us the attitude of “Getting it right the first time and always“. We have the right people with the right skills who
understand the company’s strategies and core values and are determined to make
things work. Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence wins championships; and at CAGL we ensure maximum team collaboration even as
employees perceive themselves alike and as family, keeping up the unity the exists
among ourselves. We do this also to ensure ultimate Customer Satisfaction, which
is our pride.

Products & Services

Casing barrier plugs, Casing liner products, Completion equipment and accessories, Lower completions screens and ICD, P&A equipment, Surface equipment, Zonal isolation equipment, Zonal isolation tools

Directional Drilling Services, Measurement While Drilling, Logging While Drilling, Casing while Drilling 

• Drilling Tools Rentals 

• Piling/Hammer Services

 • Surface Logging Services

• Drilling Efficiency Consultancy

 • Data and Behavioral Based Optimization services (DBBO)

Measurements &
Optimization Services
Well drilling & measurement

This includes various activities related to the drilling of wells, such as well planning, drilling rig operations, directional drilling, and wellbore construction. Drilling services companies employ skilled engineers, drillers, and technicians to safely and efficiently drill oil and gas wells.

Technology &
Software Solution

• Oilfields Data Management 

• E&P Technical Training 

• Technology Consulting Services

CAGL with our technical partner Impact Selector International offers wide range of products and services will help you eliminate fishing and increase your operational efficiency. Our industry leading technology, coupled with impeccable customer service allows your operation to run smooth, predictable, and safe. Set the standard with Impact Selector wireline conveyance assurance.

Wire Line /
Services & Logistics

• Facility/Assets Maintenance and
Surveillance; Site preparation
• Pipelines Replacement and
• Assets Integrity Testing and
Management, NDT
• Third Party Intrusion and
Leakage Detection
• Storage Tanks
• Land/Marine Logistics and