LFS Facilities is the leading Facility & HR Brokerage and Management service provider to several industries Ghana. Our services include, but not limited to Facility Management, Residential Management, Property Management, Vehicle Rental, Leasing and Sales, Project Management, Janitorial Services and HR Consultancy. Our mission is to continually improve our services and levels of quality to meet all our stakeholders’ aspirations. To achieve our aim, we offer all stakeholders three pillars of strength for them to attain and maintain a competitive advantage.



  • Attain the highest quality in servicing of our clients’ needs on time and within budget
  • Forge close and lasting relationships with our clients
  • Produce effective profit whilst maintaining client satisfaction and value

We aim to keep LFS Facilities at the cutting edge of the accommodation and facility brokerage and management services industry by encompassing the above with a “Total Quality Management” ideology thus achieving the aspirations of all our stakeholders.

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to the success of the company are these basic values:

  • DYNAMIC: LFS Facilities will achieve the highest quality in the servicing of our clients’ needs on time and within budget
  • INNOVATION: By providing products and services using best internationally recognized standards and practices
  • PEOPLE: By harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our people we have created an innovative and growth centered environment



Our proposal is intended to give you, the client, a synopsis of what services can be offered using the combined experience of a skilled, articulate team and an excellent track record throughout Africa that will ensure a seamless yet flexible approach to your project.



Our solutions are implemented with the deep-rooted objective of strong relationships with our clients. A deep and thorough understanding of individual client requirements and operating environments, leveraging off cost effectiveness and operational efficiencies, ensures that our services are maximized and our Client satisfaction is sustained. All service levels shall be established and monitored in accordance with a “Service Level Agreement” between LFS Facilities and yourselves.

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